Bringing a newborn baby to the family is one of the most precious moments to family. Having is grow out of that baby rug, watching their first giggle, sound, their first tooth are some great memories we all love to be treasured in our minds.

Babies don’t stay as babies forever, so it is important that we keep these memories photographed, and while some may go for professional photographers, some mothers and fathers would like to capture these moments them self. So, for you to get that sweetest most adorable moments captured perfectly, here are some tips,

Be prepared

One of the biggest advantages of you being your baby’s photographer is that you will always be with them to capture those wonderful moments. Unlike a photographer, who’d have only a couple of hours to get the shoot done, you get all the time in the world and more moments as well. So have your camera with you at all times, you never know when your baby would do something cute and unpredictable.


One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in baby photography Malvern is not going for proper lighting, the pictures gives a whole new look to it with good lights. And you don’t need to set up a studio and bring in new lighting system for this, you already have the best source of light; the sun! The sunlight will not only give a brighter look but a great natural look to it as well. Feel free to experiment, see which angle the baby should be kept for you to get that light on your baby properly.

Keep her/him happy

For a good newborn photography session, you will need to keep the baby happy at all times. Make sure the area you’re a getting the picture taken is warm and does not seem uncomfortable for the baby, you can try having your heater (if it’s mobile) on around the place if the area isn’t warm enough. There are some music apps as well, and you can also try the sound of rain to be played on the background, it will soothe the baby and have her relaxed while you do the photoshoot.

Make sure the baby is safe

Always make sure of the baby’s safety, so when you are trying to go for a new pose or having some props to go with the photoshoot do be careful and do not try anything risky. Sometimes, the simple and the natural poses given by them baby itself turns out to look amazing.
Hope you got some tips on getting your baby to do a photoshoot. Goodluck!